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Fans In Love With Dramaboi’s “Ammaruri” Music Video

Fans in love with Dramaboi’s ‘Ammaruri” music video. The video was released on all streaming platforms yesterday evening and gained a lot hype within minutes of being posted.

There is never a dull moment in his music creativity which chronicles the township, whether good or bad and all the challenges that come with living in a township. This is why a lot of Dramaboi’s fans enjoy his music as they relate deeply with the reality he speaks of through his musical lyrics. Twitter reactions were mostly fire emojis and fire memes, sending off an impression that fans are more than content with the quality of the music. They also mentioned some of their favorite lines from the music video in the comments section.

Thuto Ricardo ‘Dramaboi’ Ramphaleng, derives his stage name from everything he experienced in his childhood, from growing up without a father to moving across primary schools, hence ‘Dramaboi‘. He has always been a fan favorite from early in the days, when he participated in a Hip-Hop competition hosted by Hub magazine.

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