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“I Just Want To Be Able To Live At Home Happy, I Swear Il Stop”- ATI

β€œI just want to be able to live at home happy, I swear il stop”-ATI. The β€˜Skababawara’ hit-maker shared this under a screenshot extracted from popular news activist and social media influencer, Daniel Dan Kenosi.Β  Dan’s post was written following a second arrest warrant for Atasaone β€˜ATI’ Moremogi, on grounds of breaking one of the COVID-19 regulations.

β€œMy officers within Botswana Police officers tell me the police who were instructed to go arrest ATI found him gone,” Kenosi wrote on his Facebook timeline. He further went on to state that the officers that were tasked with locating ATI, were going back to the β€˜elders’ to report the fact that they could not get a hold of him.Β  β€œMy eyes are inside the offices so I’ll know the next instructions,” Kenosi concluded.Β  He went on to attach a screenshot of a conversation between himself and the officer he is currently getting first-hand information from.

Apparently, a second warrant of arrest was issued citing the arrest of ATI for failure to wear a mask in public spaces however, speculation is that the arrest is in-fact related to his constant advocacy for β€˜change’ in government administration.Β  In the month of June, ATI started challenging the existing order, arguing that Batswana feed off crumbs while government officials and Non-citizens thrive and acquire all the lucrative businesses in the country. β€œThis has to change”, he said in one of his Facebook live feeds that went viral last month.

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