Love letter to ATI from BNSC Boss

This past week has been showered with a lot of negativity but one man in the public domain andleader of the sporting fraternity has been going hard the positove way. In a heartfelt message BNSC boss wrote ATI a sweet message, it read,:”Greatness is when God has called your star and you still remain humble and true, to yourself, to your trait and to your people. I saw this young man at Born and Raised leave his car in traffic and ran to get inside the show just to perform on time. Most artists don’t do that. I saw him address everyone as uncle and bow down when greeting them regardless of age. I heard him use thank you a thousand times in a conversation. I spent days with him and never heard him talk down or bad mouth other artists or encourage negativity. I am impressed. This guy is a true ambassador and I pray his star shines brighter. ATI the sky is not the limit for you. ??”

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