Media race contest a showstopper

Vivo Energy Botswana this past weekend gave a showstopper Saturday contest when it hosted various local media houses for a racing challenge. The challenge required that each media house give a representative of four individuals who will be contesting with the rest of the other media houses. The race began early morning with a registration session at Shell in Sebele Centre, the racers were then required to go on a car race to Mahalapye.Lewis Hamilton was sure alive in our home soil. Great driving was put to test.

In each of the media houses representatives, there was a social media moderator for the race, driver and petrol attendant. Duma FM radio station scooped the leading prices while BTV and RB2 followed. Duma got themselves P20 000 in grand price. The grand prix entertainment we usually see on television was brought to life. There was jubilation and laughter as more and more media houses reached their destination. Local old media houses in the likes of the Midweek Sun did not surface in the podium finishes having been lost behind in the race.

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