Mmina gets ignored on twitter

Batswana are sure becoming a nation of savagery, this was proved today when Mmina Gaebonwe got the rant of her life through twitter. It is alleged that Batswana teamed up on the always on red madam and ignored her post. The post she had made earlier in the day read, “Hi, I’m Mmina Gaebonwe, I Live in Paris. France and I’m an Active Global Citizen” It is believed that Batswana decided to rather make posts about it but ignored the actual post.

Most of the times she can never go an hour without a few likes, however this particular post has gotten the supposedly power-woman registered nothing of what she has been experiencing today. One of the retweets argued that it is commonplace for Batswana to always want to get associated with far off countries than their native Botswana.

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