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The Minister of Entrepreneurship (MOE), Honourable Karabo Gare says his Ministry is one of the Government’s efforts to develop and support Entrepreneurs for sustainable development. This, he says is incorporated in the National Vision 2036.

Hon Gare said the Government took a decision to establish the Ministry of Entrepreneurship as part of the RESET AGENDA to support Small Medium Enterprises.

Speaking at the launch of the Ministry of Entrepreneurship’s blue print and its strategic direction this morning, Honourable Gare said Small and Medium sized enterprises (SMEs) are a key driver of economic growth and social inclusion. He added that, their role has become more critical and are among the priority policy measures during the COVID-19 recovery and beyond.

Minister Gare explained that his ministry’s responsibilities encompass a number of areas such as enterprise development and coordination; small business development policy; wealth creation; citizen economic empowerment; coordination of value chains and women economic empowerment.

β€œAs the Government, we see the need to foster an export led economy through various vigorous value chain development programmes, with the view to create sustainable and competitive Small and Medium Enterprises (SMMEs) through our different initiatives,” said Hon Gare.

When unpacking the Ministry’s mandate the Permanent Secretary, Mr Joel Ramaphoi said the Ministry’s mandate is reflective of the Rest Agenda process to make a quantum leap. He said Botswana aspires to be a high income country with an inclusive and sustainable growth driven by high levels of productivity.

Mr Ramaphoi added that, to escape the middle income trap and transition to a high income economy, it is important to hit the Reset Button.

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