Note To Unemployed Youth: Botswana Jobs Youth Fair 2016 Loading!

With so many graduates roaming the streets in our country, there comes a desperate need to not only raise awareness on the unemployment issue, but to come up with solution that can help remedy the situation. A group of young concerned people have come up with an idea that gives young unemployed citizens an opportunity to meet potential employers face-to-face, find out what jobs are available and pick some great tips on who to contact.


A first of its own fair dubbed the Botswana Youth Fair 2016 might just be the solution. The 3 day event also brings together various stakeholders to formulate synergy in creating long lasting solutions. At this event young people will get a chance to interact with industry experts and hiring companies to come with ideas that will address unemployment challenges.

Location: Botho University
Date: 21- 23 June 2016

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