“President’s name always cropping up on Corruption cases”-UDC

His Excellency President Dr. Mokgweetsi Masisi have been accused of corruption and being self-serving.

This was highlighted by the Umbrella for Democratic Change (UDC) Head of Commutations- Mr. Moeti Mohwasa in a press statement recently.

“With the serious allegations of favouritism, corruption and plunder that are raised on daily basis, we demand answers from the president.The president’s name keeps on cropping up when allegations of corruption arise. He needs to take the nation into his confidence as to why he should not be linked with corruption and that the reshuffle was not about removing someone who was too questioning.” Mohwasa charged.

It has been allerged that Honourable Dr. Thapelo Matsheka was moved from the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development because he differered in principle with the President on issues of money and spending.

Other allergations have it that President Masisi is removing Matsheka from the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development because he has interests in a certain tender at Bank of Botswana. That tender is said to be currently facilitated by Matsheka’s Company since 2017.

Daniel Kenosi, a Social Media Community journalist allerged, “President Mokgweetsi E. K. Masisi will soon be a shareholder at AoN. The company will be bought by Lucara MD Naseem Lahri with a stake for Masisi. The aim is to remove Thapelo Matsheka’s company, Fiducia Pty (Ltd) which has a contract with Bank of Botswana since 2017. Matsheka had declared the company to the President and the Clerk. Bank of Botswana has been preferring Fiducia over AoN because its a local company. If Fiducia is not pushed out of BoB pension funds then it’s contract which was recently renewed won’t be renewed when it ends paving way for Masisi’s AoN. Congratulations Mr President!”

The UDC is worried about the mass and sudden transfers/appointments by the President. The UDC is of the view that these transfers bring confusion to civil servants. According to the UDC, the inconsistency incoviniences the civil servants thus reducing productivity.

“The recent reshuffle and senior government officials’ movements paint a picture of a crisis in leadership, indicating that all is not well.There is no doubt that most of these movements are not done in good faith. They should not be done in such a way that compromises certainty, good governance and service delivery, particularly when in a time of crisis like the one we are in.” underscored Mohwasa.

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