Anti Poaching Operation Incidents

In its mission of defending Botswana’s Territorial Integrity, Sovereignty and National Interests, the Botswana Defence Force (BDF) informs the public about three (03) separate incidents which resulted in four (4) poachers being killed.

The incidents which happened over a period of seven (07) days between 22 and 29 June 2020, involved an exchange of fire with armed poachers. The contact areas were Mombo in the Chiefs Island, Kurunxaraga and Selina spillway in the general area of Linyanti.As succinctly stated previously, there is an alarming surge of rhinoceros poaching in the Okavango Delta and poachers continue to resort to the adoption of ruthless tactics by targeting members of the BDF.

Since the commencement of the year 2020, sixteen (16) armed poachers have been killed. As a professional, prompt and decisive force, the BDF’s anti-poaching units will continue to execute their task of protecting endangered species.

Thank you.

[Signed]Tebo Kacho Dikole Colonel For/COMMANDER,


Tel: 3662671

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