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Setlhomo Raymond Shades Vee For Taking Selfies At A Memorial Service

Society moral decay is being fueled by the urge to stay relevant. Popular musician took it to Facebook to share selfies of him attending the memorial service of Charma Gal’s dancers the past weekend. Not so many people were impressed including the famous Setlhomo Raymond who never mince his words.


“The future looks gloomy and black when the forerunners and public figures have nothing to teach the present and the community. Just recently souls left 4 ghosts on a tragic road accident. A memorial service was held last night in the city of Gaborone where thousands of “fashionable mourners” flocked the Civic centre. Traditionally and moral wise one would have thought they went there to pay their last respects and to comfort the families to the deceased but it was the exact opposite,” Raymond said.

He went on to add, “My friend whom I have been considering as an epitome of moral guidance, let alone “Vee”, posed for selfies and went further to upload them on Facebook. I might be of no moral grounds but what “Vee” did is wrong in all manner. It is a sign of disrespect not only to those who have joined the marker but their loved ones. A memorial service is not like a “chill session” where one can just randomly and carelessly take pictures so to entice Facebook community.”

According to Raymond, all Vee wanted to achieve was to let the nation know that he attended the  memorial service. He said to himVee he is no different from a man who advertise his products on an accident scene. This is not the first time the pint sized artist advertised his good deeds, he uploaded pictures of himself last year on Facebook after visiting the Matsha accident victims.

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