I was struck by love

It was as though I was hit by a glove

Woke up each morning feeling so fresh and loved

Lost sight of my past and now looking into my present

Folded and hidden is my future

So looking forward to what it has in store for me


I looked at myself in the mirror

All I could see were the scars made by the pains of yesterday

Hoping to find love in shady places

All I got was betrayal and hatred


I felt unwanted and unloved schemed to leave earth

Leave earth and find a place where I will be loved and appreciated

So many thoughts travel through my mind as I search for a path to take

I blamed myself for every situation that I came across But I told myself to count it all as loss as I’m awaiting something greater


I looked at myself in the mirror once again

All I could see were the people who hurt me

I cried at the thought of “my friend’s ”

I thought they cared

I thought they loved me

I mean why would they betray me

So many thoughts travel through my mind

Trying to shake them off but it’s worthless as they overcome me

The thought comes one more time and torments me

Confused I sit in my bed and tears just fall down my face


Is my life worth living anymore

Am I worthy of your love Pearl

AsΒ I reflect on my past

I see a trail of broken hearts and broken bottles

I feel she’s just a precious stone that needs all the care and attention

I sit on my bed and the same question rings in my head

Am I really worthy of her love??


By; Lebogang Manyala

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