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Taylor Swift Ties With Rihanna for Most Digital Song Sales

“Gorgeous,” the third song released from Taylor Swift’s upcoming album reputation, due out November 10 skyrockets to No.1 on Billboard’s Digital Songs Sales chart. 

‘Gorgeous” has sold more than 68,000 downloads sold in the tracking week October 26 according to Nielson Music. This is a huge leap for a promo single and is bound to sell more copies this coming week.

The song has also soared to No.13 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart and also lands at No.16 on the Streaming Songs chart with 16.9 million streams in the U.S alone. With the incredible start of “Gorgeous” on Digital Song Sales, Swift ties with Rihanna for the most No.1’s in the chart’s history. Each artist has 14 songs total, and this extends Swift’s record for the most No.1 debuts to 13. While “Gorgeous” is only a promo single for the album, it has soared more than most and proves that reputation is bound to be a blockbuster album.

Swift’s first two tracks from the album (“Look What You Made Me Do,” “…Ready For It?”) have also made huge leaps on the charts throughout the last few weeks. Both tracks debuted at No.1 on the Digital Song Sales chart. “Look What You Made Me Do” soared with 353,000 copies, which is the greatest weekly total for a song in 2017. “…Ready For It?” took the charts selling 135,000. Each track has remained in a solid position on the charts and they aren’t looking like they will move anytime soon.


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