The Department of Meteorological Services Warns The Nation About Tropical Cyclone Dineo

In a recent Press Release, the Department of Meteorological Services informed the public about tropical cyclone named Dineo. The cyclone is currently positioned over the Mozambique Channel and it is expected to make landfall over Mozambique on Thursday 16th February 2017 after which it will weaken into a tropical depression or low pressure system.

The resultant tropical depression is expected to bring torrential rains and strong winds as it moves south-westwards inland. Its impacts in Botswana will be felt from Friday 17th February 2017 until Monday 20th February 2017. Widespread thundershowers are expected over Central, North-East and Gantsi districts on the 17th February 2017 moving into Ngamiland, Kgalagadi and Kweneng Districts between the 18th and 19th February 2017 and eventually ending up over Southern districts on the 20th.

Heavy falls of 80mm or more in 24hours period are expected in some places. Since the soils are expected to become more saturated from the anticipated rains, there is a possibility of flash flooding in some places.The Department will keep monitoring the situation, and will update the public accordingly. For further information, contact the Director at 3612272 or Forecasting Office at 3612282/83.


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