The inspiring Sethunya Maele on single motherhood

Yesterday social media got buzzing with Sethunya Maele’s story on single motherhood. We thought this might inspire you too. This is what she has to share with friends and followers;

“I’m single…and I have been since June 2016 when I got pregnant, and the man who got me pregnant left soon as he learnt i was expecting. I went to gynae appointments alone & paid for them without any assistance, I was alone during 8 hrs of labour & an emergency c section delivery! No one was there to give me foot massages or care for all my cravings…it was a complete solo mission!

I had always badly wanted a baby and that is why I was ready to have it even in the absence of it’s father, and I carried my pregnancy with grace! I ate very healthy and worked out until my baby was born. 2 months post delivery i learnt that the same man got another girl pregnant during my pregnancy and she was to give birth 4 months after me and our kids were born the same year…….im currently single handedly raising my beautiful baby boy!”

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