Top 10 Tswana Foods Every Motswana Should Eat Before They Die

Traditional food is divine and everyone who has not tasted or hating them have not lived and they are totally missing out. Below is a list of 10 food every Motswana should taste before they die.

1. Phane(mophane worms)

Phane (mophane worms)

2. Bogobe ba lerotse( sorghum porridge cooked in melon)

sorghum porridge cooked in melon
3. Seswaa(ground meat)

Seswaa(ground meat)
4. Ting(fermented porridge)

Ting(fermented porridge)
5. Mokoto


6. Dikgobe( beans and samp cooked in melon)

beans and samp cooked in melon
7. Serobe

8. Morogo wa Setswana cooked in peanuts

Morogo wa Setswana cooked in peanuts
9. Mosutlhwane(sorghum grains)

Mosutlhwane( sorghum grains)
10. Kabu (boiled dried corn)

boiled dried corn

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