Try this and you might get a job

My name is Loago, Loago Mosielele. I’m a final year student at BAC and I’m reading for an honors degree in Accounting and Finance. Come next year (May) I’ll be done with university. I’ll have a degree in my hand, not much experience to my name and a whole lot of hope that someone out there will hire me to be their equity research analyst.

I’ve had the privilege of learning, as part of my course, the ins-and-outs of finding a job, applying for a job and nailing an interview. Some of the things I learnt, like writing a C.V., felt like a waste of time whilst other things I learnt, like career planning, were priceless.

One thing I didn’t learn from school was how to get a meeting with a potential employer.

It’s no lie that the job market is insanely competitive right now. Youth unemployment is sky high. Year after year thousands of students are graduating, looking for jobs and realizing that there aren’t enough jobs for us all.

Under such circumstances only the people that stand out get jobs.

There are a number of ways you could stand out. One way is by getting a first class degree. Another way is by getting experience during semester breaks. Another way is by doing what I did last week.

I sent a letter that was full of passion to my potential employer, not a boring C.V. When I say my potential employer I don’t mean the organisation, I mean the person who calls the hire/fire shots. Attached to the letter was a gift that I thought my potential employer would love (a business magazine that I wrapped to give that Christmas/Birthday gift feeling).

It was a Friday at 10am when I hand delivered the letter. 45 minutes later I got a call from my potential employer. All he said was “Come for a chat on Monday at 10am.”

I like to think I did well during the ‘chat’. As I write, I’ve been told to send my transcript and my C.V. Hopefully, my grades and my C.V. will get the job done.

Try This and You Might Get a Job


Loago Mosielele

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