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Vee gone back to the crossroads

Vee Mampeezy’s single “Batho ba nyatsa batho” is sure becoming a hit. In just a week, it is said that the single got more than 10 000 downloads. But has become of interest is that the single carries the same style of music delivery that the biggest hit by Vee “Taku taku” did carry. Many seem to be resonating with the song than they have been with his recent series of gospel hits.

It cannot be brushed aside that the music sensational has finally listened to his fans who have been lashing at the singer for abandoning his unique music style. It was said that despite a number brand ambassador for various companies, the singer has been registering low and mostly negative feedback from his supporters. Though in the recent single he alleges that he will be back to testify, we can not take off our ears from the fast beating beats that give great music.

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