What your body says about you

Often our bodies hold conversations with us to alert us about our state of health .They tell us thingsΒ  we may or may not want to hear.If you are well and rejuvenated, your body is often relaxed and your face glows and people will complement you on how good you look and so on.However there are times when we don’t look so good and like everything else our face and body whispers to us to take note of the changes.

Sunken eyes could say,one is not taking enough fluids,orΒ  one is losing too much fluids than they are replacing.RedΒ  eyes can be a signal to eye infections.When the white part of the eye becomes yellow,it could signal liver problems.A bulging neck mass could mean that you have a thyroid mass growing there.Spoon shaped nails could mean one is lacking iron.A new lump growing in your breast could be breast cancer.Mind you,it’s not only women who get breast cancer.A very small percentage of men do get breast cancer.the above are just a few examples of how your body notifies you of red lights.

In the next few articles I will talk about a particular body part and try to write all tell tell signs of disease.It’s a well known fact that one’s health is the one most important thing that no amount of money can buy.Sure,money can help one fix this failing body part and that,but preserving good health ,preventing disease and noticing disease before it progresses to a severe state surely goes a long way.

So through this first article, I am just going to encourage you to know what your normal body state is.Take note of changes that are happening to you and do not be scared to find out from a more knowledgeable source about a change that is going on in you,for example a doctor or a nurse ,after all,you may save your life.


Wada Goitsemang

Medical student

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