Why growing your kids in an abusive relationship is not worth it.

A relationship filled with nothing but abuse is not worth a keep for many reasons. Moreover, with kids hanging around and seeing how the whole abuse debacle has been rolling out makes things a lot more complicated. Often times women are heard saying that they are staying in relationships full of blows because of their kids, but that has been proven to be wrong and can be a huge dent in the children’s lives in the future. We share with you some of the reasons why it is equally wrong to stick around in an abusive relationship as much as it is wrong on you to get abused.

  • Your Kids Won’t Learn About Healthy Relationships (At Least, Not From You)
  • It’s Impossible To Completely Hide The Fighting
  • Your Kids Will Learn Not To Prioritize Personal Happiness
  • Your Kid Will Feel Responsible
  • You Won’t Be Living A Balanced Life


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