William makes comedy look easy

Been wondering who that social media comedy man is? Oh well, he is William Last, the young man makes comedy look so easy, he knows what spots to hit in people’s ribs to get them to share a chuckle. He makes both the young and the old laugh even in the least laughter bearable moments. William sure is our Trevor Noah. Social media has made it easy for all aspiring comedians and all sorts of artists that want their art shared with the world.

William started from humble beginnings with absolutely nothing, but a single comedy video shared on Facebook got him to the stardom seat he holds currently. He has been making faces that get Batswana clawing at their own skins with laughter when they looked at them. Moreoever, the words that come out of his mouth are nothing but magic. Just like the many comedians who made it through the internet, he is getting offer after offer for just cracking jokes. Sure this young man is going places.

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