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Top 10 Botswana Female Celebrities Who Look Good Bald Or Natural

Hair to most women is an accessory, you need a certain hairstyle to compliment your look. There are tons of hair extensions that comes in all forms and styles that can help enhance a woman’s look, and most of the times the good ones are afforded only by celebrities and loaded people. Having said that though, not everyone fancy retouched hair and weaves, even celebrities, the following celebrities will help inspire a lot of Batswana ladies that i’ts not wrong to keep it natural.

1. Kaone Kario


Former Nokia Face Of Africa, Kaone Kario, looks good with her short hair. It is only on rare occasions that she puts on a weave, but we love her with short hair or no hair at all. It brings out her rare natural features.

2. Sumaiyah Marope


Former Miss Botswana, and television presenter Sumaiyah, looks so beautiful with her short hair and German cuts.

3. Mercy Thebe

thebe (1)

Mercy Thebe took a bold decision last year when she shaved her head. We are used to her in her trademark bun and Brazilian weaves. We are happy to see a different side of her, and she looks beautiful.

4. Berry Heart


The talented controversial poet Berry is not the one to follow trends, she is a trendsetter herself. She is one of the few blessed people who have the right shape of a head to back the bald look. We cannot imagine Berry with any other hairstyle.

5. Gloria Kgosi


Gloria is one of the most beautiful women in this country. She is the only news anchor who has never put on an extension to look good for television. Her short hair compliments her personality, her private life remains private.

6. Zenzele Hirschfeld.


This curvy promoter Zenzele has been keeping her head shaven for years now, and we have never seen her more beautiful. She keep it shaven, clean and neat, and as a busy lady, this hairstyle that does not require too much attention, is for keeps.

7. Tshepo Ntshole.


Tshepo Ntshole is one of those women who has a secret code to the fountain of youth. Her short hair and con-rows always make her look young and beautiful.

8. Loretta Mekgwe.


Gabz FM’s Loretta has the best dreadlocks ever. She puts ladies with weaves to shame. Her locks are so shiny black and clean, and they always go with her laid back vintage look.

9. Punah Gabasiane-Molale.


Queen of Jazz Punah, looks very beautiful with natural hair. She is one of the few bold woman who has gone bald and still rocked it.

10. Peo Seed.


Former big brother housemate and Prime Time Live presenter, Peo, has rich natural hair that she always plays around with, she can rock temporary dread locks, plait it or just keep a nice and clean Afro, we love her look.


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