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10 things you need to know about Nnunu Ramogotsi

The voice that is usually playing on our radios and television with great vibrato that one could imagine themselves eating. They would imagine themselves eating at it because it sounds just too great like the Mana that comes from heaven. Here we bring you 10 things you need to know about Nnunu Bolemo Ramogotsi.

  1. She has staying a most part of her life in Tlowkeng and Ramotswa where she attended school.
  2. Nnunu was identified and mentored by the late Gomolemo Thatyaone Motswaledi.
  3. Through the mentorship and musical guidance of Motswaledi she became a member of the great choral group KTM Choir.
  4.  Her active involvement with music amounts to over 15 years.
  5. For a long time she was a backing artist to the likes of Ndingo Joah among others.
  6. She is an active member of the Women of jazz where she sings alongside Punah Gabasiane and Kearoma Rantao.
  7. Her musical prowess gets her the musical engagements she receives every now and then from KTM Choir,individuals, companies and others.
  8. Nnunu has in the past performed alongside Ringo Madlingozi as a member of Women of Jazz Botswana and the greatest highlight in her musical career was sharing the stage with the Bulawayo-born and South African legendary Jazz artist, Dorothy Masuku.
  9. Her debut album titled MMASONOKO was widely received across the country and abroad.
  10. The handwork and perseverance she has put up with throughout the years finally paid off as the album got four nominations in the 2012 BOMU Music Awards, ending up winning two – the best album of the year and best female artist of the year.

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