1000 desert race festival disappoints

When the crowd saw the 2018 1000 desert race for the past weekend they could not contain their excitement for the line up. The line up that was made up of various local greats within the music circles did not meet the anticipated excitement it had created at the beginning. At the event, the sound system was a huge flop leaving music lovers disgruntled and unhappy the whole time during performances.

It was only when the newbie in the music circles, Motlha came on stage that the crowd started to borrow their ears to the performers. All along the crowd had been displaying displeasure with the sound system. Franco was another artist that the crowd listened to while all along they had been ignoring the rest of the artists. Meanwhile on other 1000 desert race news, allegations are that there is a certain individual who lost their life at the event. Unconfirmed reports are that the said individual is a female.

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