8 Things You Should Not Do During An Interview

8 Things You Should Not Do During An Interview
A lot of people usually complain that they failed to get a job that they know they qualify for and know they have passed the interview. With their have impressive resumes and ability to eloquently answer interview questions, they often overlook small important things that they should avoid doing to increase their chances of getting the job.
Here are 8 things you must not do and will probably help lend you in the interviewer’s good books.
1. Crossing your arms over your chest; a lot of people have a habit of doing this but it may send your potential employer a bad message as many take it as a sign of closing off.
2. Using too much hand gestures. talking too much with your hands is confusing, and annoying, avoid it!
3. Discussing money or time off, unless the employer has brought the subject up. It is not recommended that you ask about payments and holiday arrangements.
4. Getting personal or too familiar, behaving in a conceited and flirty way may annoy the interviewers and lessen your chances of getting the job.
5. Bad posture, sitting carelessly on a chair is not just annoying it can give people a wrong impression about you. you have to sit firmly and with your shoulders up.
6. Playing with things on the table, this can be annoying and shows nervousness and lack of focus and may be a distraction to the interviewer and other interviewees.
7. Turning up late and dressed inappropriately. Coming late to a job interview is strictly prohibited, unless of course there is a proper explanation as to why you are late. You have to give a good impression of punctuality. You also have to dress appropriately in clothes that match the job you applied for.
8. Speaking negatively about your current employer; badmouthing and complaining about your current employer will not reflect well on you. it might the the interviewers thinking you are some kind of snob.
By Lesedi Lephojane


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