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A minute into Game Mothibi’s life

Game Mothibi is one of the leading women in the sporting fraternity that are poised at making sure that the sporting circles are safe and guarded for women. The sporting sensational who has made extensive contributions in sport for women has been engaged with the industry for many years now. Game came into the sporting circles when she was introduced to Table-Tennis. She played the sport but did not last long on the field but was more suited in administrative ground.

She served in various positions in the BTTA executives and was later serving in the African Table Tennis interim at some point. She has since been engaged by BNSC on various positions. This year,Game and her entourage led the country in hosting the IWG conference were she served as secretariat member. Trained a teacher,she is using her teaching skills to help others acquire knowledge in regards to mentorship,safe sport and others.

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