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Apollo D To Start Working On An Anti Crime Campaign Following A Mugging Incident

Rap guru Apollo D says he will start working on an anti-crime campaign and use his music platform to address the issue of crime. The rapper has revealed earlier that he was a attacked and mugged by a group of 8 young men over the weekend.

He said that the youth are battling too much pressure and need some inspiration. He also called on to other musicians and companies  who wish to be part of the campaign to contact him.

“I am going to work on a anti-crime campaign and use music and my platform to address this social ill. The youth of today are dealing with so much pressure and need to be inspired to do more with lives. The young boys that jumped me last night need to be showed a better option with their lives

I am appealing to other musicians, companies who want to be part of the campaign to holla at me (71640410)”. He wrote on his social media page.

“Got attacked and mugged by 8 or so misguided youth last night. They had knives, bats etc As I they were assualting me one of them mightve saved my life.. He shouted,”tlhebanna leska la tlhaba auti yeo”. During the whole ordeal I tried to be as calm as possible… Im home and ok just some aches and pains.”

Apollo was attacked by a group of armed criminals over the weekend but fortunately got away in one piece and the incident has inspired him to do something to change the lives of young people who seek ‘refuge’ in criminal activities.

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