BW tennis headed for stardom

Botswana Tennis Association (BTA) is in a mission to greatness. This year,the association has been working tirelessly to achieve greatness. In a space of just 9 months one of the most least achieving associations in the country has pulled up its socks. They have produced a crop of individual junior players that are movers and shakers in the region. Among this crop is Denzel Seetso, has been winning most of the prestigious events in the country as well as in the African region. He has also been awarded an Olympic Development Scholarship.

Through the scholarship he gets an opportunity to train among the top players in Africa as well as getting to travel to prestigious events in the country. In hosting grounds,they have managed to create a tiurnent hosting criteria,and through it they have hosted 10 of the targeted 20 tournaments. From next week the association will be hosting a Level I coaches course where a record 25 local coaches will be drilled. Later in the year BTA will be hosting the regional coaches conference hete in Gaborone for the first time. Elite researchers and coaches from the region and key speakers in their own tennis playing nd coaching fields will be expected to assemble presentations in the capital city Gaborone.

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