Comedy hits the golf course tonight!

Phakalane Golf estate will be turned into a laughter place tonight. The golf estate that comprises of the elite and highly respected hotel resort for it high ranking will house local comedians and various fun lovers. The doors into the event will be opened at exactly 1900hrs as it has been revealed by the organizers and the laughing action will kick start at 20hrs. However, it has since been noted that this year’s show will be the final showdown for the comedy night.

According to a source close to the matter the Phakalane resort will be going under renoversation hence the need to closeout some of its activities. Triccs will be the main β€œjoker” at the event with boosts from BK and Johnny Pula. The trio comedians have been performing in elite stages. Last year they were among the line up at the Maitisong comedy night in Gaborone and have been garnering themselves a huge following since then.

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