Innovation as a force for growth

Minister for Communications, Knowledge and Technology Honourable Thulagano M. Segokgo officiated the National Innovation Capability Framework Conference held at the University of Botswana from the 27 to 28 July 2022. The event was held under the theme, โ€œInnovation as a Force for Growth.โ€

Speaking at the event, Minister Segokgo said through the National Innovation Capability Framework they are aiming to engage Research, Technology and Innovation players of Botswana in designing an innovative value chain model which will determine the roles and responsibilities of each player within the innovation value chain model. He added that the aim of the conference was to bring together stakeholders in the innovation ecosystem of Botswana to determine ways of implementing elements of the framework.

Minister Segokgo highlighted the Digital Entrepreneurship and Innovation Pod project of the University of Botswana Digitalization Office as one of the efforts towards innovation development. He said the projectโ€™s focus is to use the universityโ€™s academic services of teaching and learning, research, innovation and engagement from a service based outcome to a practical industrial outcome. โ€œBuilding national innovation capacity will drive the countryโ€™s ability to produce and commercialize a flow of innovative technology, and brings benefits for Micro Small Medium Enterprisesโ€™ innovation capacities and competitivenessโ€, said the Minister.

For his part, acting CEO for Botswana Digital and Innovation Hub Mr Tshepo Tsheko said, through the SmartBots strategy they aim to deliver a smart sustainable society for Botswana by digitalizing the private sector to make efficient service delivery. โ€œThe role of BDIH is to facilitate the co-creation of innovative and citizen-driven public services that can be deployed and championed on the local marketโ€, said Mr Tsheko.

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