Ketz Johnson goes to Flava Dome

Flava Dome is sure one of the most watched event in the country. More and more emerging artist in the entertainment fraternity in the country want to be seen rocking the stage on the show. The show has played new hits,big hits, featured the greatest musicians of ll time in the country and continues to help in the growth of the entertainment world in the country.

Ketz Johnson is one of the crop of individual artists that have always wanted to find themselves making music into the hearts of Batswana at the show. He could not hide his excitement today on social media revealing that he is finally makibg a debut appearence at the event. He has been struggling to establish hself as an artist and he sure believes making it to Flava Dome will help in resurrecting his musicality. The show airs every Friday on the local television at 2000hrs.

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