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Melodi Ya Kgalaletso better engage Joel

Many who know Joel Rebaone Keitumele from the Melodi Ya Kgalaletso years would know how much of a mesmerizing show they used to put up. The show was master of versality and was then most followed. Currently the once most followed gospel show has been under a serious scrunity in what Batswana have since attached it to be a charismatic churches show.

In the yester-years when Joel was presenter,many denominations with different styles of worship were allowed in onto the show and were given a platform,however it has been alleged that that is not the case anymore. Many have since attributed that the only person who can save the show can be Joel. They argue that his now deep rootness inyo the spritual realmness would also help ressurect the show. They vontinue to say that he posess a drawing persona into the herts of the people.

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