Miscellaneous bows out of the charity cup

Miscellaneous Spoprting club has been making headlines following a large voting numbers for the charity cup that will be played over the weekend at the national stadium. The Serowe founded football club is a newbie in the local league after it only climbed into the premier 16 last year. However that has not deterred their spirit of wanting to be counted among the elites.

In a charity cup that pits together the top four teams, the team was taking the lead in the votes after they were officially opened. It has since been believed that this was because it has the big guns with the funds having their back in as far as funding is concerned. The Serowe club was in the verge of making history by being the most voted team even with a larger following than the reigning league champions Township Rollers and Gaborone United. The charity cup will be played over the weekened.

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