More money into GU account

Gaborone United seems to be on a transition following their most recent series of hardships. The Gaborone based team has been a center of controversy. Moya Goleele yesterday got another injection into their bank account. Zakhem of Zac Construction put another chunk of money amounting to P17 000 into the team’s account. TheĀ  money will be used to do the final registration for players who will be contesting in the BTC premiership under the GU baton.

Last week the construction moghul put another splash of cash into the team to help ressurect it from the financial mud it has been dragged into. GU has been at loggerheads with its players for allegedly failing to pay them. The team last weekend won the BTC premiership charity cup. Their goalkeeper Goitseone Phoko also won the best goalkeeper award at the same event from the past weekend.Those that are in the know of football workmanship have suggested that it will be a mood boost for the team.

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