National COVID-19 rollout programme receives cash injection

Debswana, De Beers and Diamond Trading Company of Botswana (DTCB) has became one of the firsts to heed the government’s call for support from the private sector. The government of Botswana had called on the private sector to assist in funds for the purchase of and the rollout of the COVID-19 vaccine.

“The Government and private sector partnership will assist in supporting a safe, effective and efficient COVID-19 vaccination programme. COVID-19 vaccination is a critical aspect on the fight against the pandemic and as Debswana we look forward to providing support through our mine hospital health facilities, offering support to communities, as well as contributing financially through the partnership with DBGSS [De Beers Global Sightholder Sales] and DTCB.” Lynette Armstrong, Debswana’s Managing Director commented.

The Three organizations were donating a combined sum of Fifty-five Million Pula (P55 Million) to help the government in its vaccine roll-out programme. Debswana and De Beers donated Twenty-five Million Pula (P25 Million) each, while DTCB donated Five Million Pula (P5 Million). The donation include in-kind support of the provision of medical facilities, personnel, equipment and supplies to assist with the delivery of the vaccine rollout.

For his part, Bruce Cleaver, the Chief Executive Officer for De Beers Group alluded, “We have been partners with Botswana for more than 50 years, and through that time we have a shared track record of recognising and supportirg each other’s needs. We are proud to have assisted with several important public health programmes in the past, and as the world continues to grapple with COVID-19, we are committed to working with Government to ensure we support Botswana’s national vaccination strategy in the best way possible. Partnering for thriving communities is a key pillar of our sustainability work, and the health infrastructure we have built up in Botswana over the decades will offer vital support for the administration of the vaccine, while our financial contribution can play an important role in supporting national vaccine procurement”

Through it’s vaccine roll-out programme, the Government of Botswana aims to vaccinate One Million, and Six hundred thousand (1.6 Million) adults. However, only around Three hundred thousand (300 000) doses of COVID-19 vaccines have arrived in Botswana, of which some has already been utilized.

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