Netball team’s vision going down the drain in Zambia

Botswana ladies netball team is having it hard in Zambia. The team competing at the African qualifiers for the World cup in Lusaka, Zambia is getting a beating of their life. The team has not been able to win any match since it began its contest at the championships in Lusaka. It is fighting for a spot in the two remaining spots available for the African teams following an automatic qualification by South Africa and Malawi.

It looks like the local team will not have to board a plane to the former coloniser country after they suffered a major defeat yesterday against Malawi. Should the team be unable to make it through to the knockout stages of the tournament, their vision of making it through to the England world would have been buried. Earlier in the month the national team got a new coach from South Africa who was said to have had extensive experience in high level coaching.

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