Nomina making strides in Germany

The artist who was born in Zimbabwe and raised in Gaborone gained recognition through her debut music video Mamaland, which was a hit with over 2 million views. The German based Nomina is making strides in the European country, more and more people are yearning to hear her voice mas she is getting invitations from across most of German music outfits to perform with them. Early this year the musician was in the country to promote her music and she was well received as she was also getting calls from promoters in the country to do dealings with her.

Real name Pamela Nothando Bhulu, Nomina’s musical spectrum is a mix of R&B, Pop and Reggae combined with African sounds and Spanish elements. With German-Indonesian producer, Orchidan Waworka, they created a symbiosis of dynamic soul singing, melodic pop and R&B combined with lively African percussions, classical and contemporary electronic dance music.


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