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Phaladi gives word on breadwinning

Local all time prodigy Gogontlejang Phaladi is a woman of poise who would not leave any word unsaid. She has been advocating for a number of many other daunting social ills in the country from rape to violence among others. Gogontlejang Phaladi has been hailed as one of the few youth members in the country that continue to hold fast the development spectrum.

Quoted verbatim, this is what she has had to say “I pray for the mental strength of youth breadwinners,also that their pockets never run dry.But we also need to insist on other family members building their economic capacities to sustain themselves.African societies we romanticize the concept of carrying family burdens -its so unhealthy!” It has been proved that being the sole provider in the family can lead to mental illnesses.

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