Prize money remains an irritant to clubs

Reports coming in from the Botswana football are that a group of clubs are alleged to be raging in regard to the prize money they are supposed to be getting from the premier league sponsors. According to a report shared by the Botswana football, the clubs are raging with fire.

“It’s like this thing/delay to give us price money is a strategy to suffer our clubs, it’s a strategy meant to benefit rich clubs at the mines, forces, and Rollers. That is the reason why they even ask our players to terminate contracts because they know we’re currently broke” Said Black Forest Official

“This is very unfair and we know certain people are driving it because they want to suffocate us young clubs. They will strategically benefit from delaying the price money. Look, grants were not coming, there were no revenue at the gates, and how do you expect us to pay players? It is a very bad situation and i blame both the Premier League and the sponsor.The sponsor has postponed the price giving because it does not hurt their structure. This is ridiculous, we’ve been waiting for the price money now they send us sms’s that there won’t be any price money. To some clubs it is just okay, but to small clubs like ours it hurts because players do have needs.” Said Sharps Shooting Stars Official

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