Soul des freres, our own Il Divo

Who said Batswana could not do it the way the Europeans can? Here in our very capital city we have the great IL DIVO stepping on our soils. A group of five young-men, Soul Des Freres hits notes no one else can. The group has been ion existence for three years now. The name that group carries is a french name which means soul brothers. The group is indeed a representica of brotherhood, the five youngsters have been voicing it all out collectively since the beginning of time.

They have been members of the Moeding Alumni choir which was under the watchful eye of the popular musician pastor Mmualefe. They went on to change the group name (Moeding Alumni) to Multi Genre Artists and they still stuck together. It has been confirmed that the group will be performing later in the month at the president’s concert which is a part of the celebrations ran by the ministry of Youth Empowerment, Sports and Culture at Tsholofelo Park in Gaborone this coming weekend.

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