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London, a haven for Thata Kenosi

Former Miss Botswana Thata Kenosi is settling in well in London. The 2016 beauty queen who has been circled with controversy in her year of reign has been setting the internet abuzz with her endless pictures at the former colonizer capital city. Thata is alleged to have gone to the Brain’s first city to further her education portfolio after having set for a Bachelor of arts in Political science with the University of Botswana.

The beauty queen has took to social media having luncheons in some of the city’s expensive diner in London. Nonetheless, the beauty queen has revealed that she was finding it difficult to cope with the snow in London in one of her social media updates. Besides the snowing she has had to suffer the Moshupa born queen has been taking pictures moving along the London streets all alone but in all smiles. London sure is a great setting for the local queen who was once crucified by social media users during her reign year.


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