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The Sento’s At The Metros. Fashion Yay Or Nay?

Many people watch awards ceremonies for fashion, henceforth this is an opportunity for celebrities to put their best fashion foot forward. Our very own Bonnie and Clyde, who represented us at the recent Metro FM Music Awards also did not disappoint on that department. The pair put together gold and black to come up with stunning outfits.

Kagiso is a fashionista of note, and whatever she touches turns into gold, in this case literally. The only time she blundered was at her wedding, where many people did not feel her imported wedding gown. This time around she went for a stunning long black and gold lacy gown, which showed off a bit of flesh here and there, and finished off her look with a glittery gold clutch bag.

The man of the moment Vee, also did not want to be left behind. It is not easy for someone of his size to make a fashion statement, but he went all out. He went for his trademark soldier blazer, this time black with Gold trimmings to compliment the wife. He was a bit edgy with a white shirt opened from the collar to the mid stomach. His designer black and white shoes completed his overall look.

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