The singing trip of adventure

Though I have been born and raised St John’s my heart is placed at Dutch Reformed Church. I have had to have an encounter with the church through a few friends but what has drew me a lot closer to it was when a random Facebook friend sent me a message back in 2014 to come help their choir. Thabang Phiri who had invited me to choir insisted on me making it to their Saturday rehearsals which I eventually made out to.

By then I was a freshman in the choral music fraternity. Having had sang with Gaborone Melodic Voices while still a student at Naledi Senior School,I didn’t think I was good enough to be making it out with other ensembles more so that I was a newbie with the gigantic KTM Choir. This past weekend, at exactly 0500hrs on Friday my alarm was beating it up under my pillow. The Dutch Reformed Church Choirs were competing in their Interdiocese choral competitions and we were to embark on a journey to a far off place in the Limpopo region called Mokopane at-least 20 minutes away from Polokwane.

I’m no fan of long trips but I need the break,I needed the music, moreover I needed the usual fun and enticement that the Dutch church choirs usually have to offer. Anxiously moving around my little single room,I had to look out if I had all the things I will need in that far off place. Through my phone I had the recording of Kopano Chorus singing “Mfazi Nankunyana” playing because I was having some tanks already hitting up at me. My perfection self was already at play,I had to get everything well (notes of the song,the words and music dynamics).

As I manuever around the music,my Dutch choir people are already hooting at my unwalled homestead and I have to leave all the tasks playing out to make it out to Mochudi. Our journey is short since we have a lot to say in between us,all excited and have much to say. Upon artival at the meeting spot in Mochudi,I notice aa usual the waiting game has to be played. Most of the people have not arrived and that only gives me a pinch in my intestines since I had no food items that morning. We had had our journey planned out for 0700hrs but by 0900hrs even the conductor is not there. I hate waiting so I choose to read my “Billie Piper” book because I have a rule on books nd I need to be reading in order to have it ticked off by the end of the year. Moments later,everyone is around,we pray and make it all out. We are on our journey to the diocese competitions.

My kind start to play numb with me,I kmow what it is. Yes,that game that gets adults smiling and havibg their hearts pump blood at unusual pace. I don’t know why I’m feeling this way but I do get the feeling. I don’t know if I am excited to be going to a far off place or the adult games in my mind are hitting it down on me. Our Mahube hired bus leaves Mochudi,Polokwane must be made out…

Continues tomorrow

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