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Vee,Eskimos & Mingo rekindle

What would be your response if you heard that just like yesteryears Black money makers is bringing another amount of greatness at the people’s steps? The quartet of Mingo-Touch,Vee Mampeezy,Eskimos and Mafitlhakgosi great dancer Thato are said to have been meeting up for what will be given to the country as a gift. Vee Mampeezy alongside Mingo-Touch have been in the news lately for other engagements besides music.

The duet are alleged to be prophets of note. Last week Vee was in the news for a statement that he had released out and he eventually took it down. In the statement he had advertised his church event arguing that his spritual fathet could raise the dead and he has done so on 100 other people in South Africa. The quartet are the yesteryear masters of music. They were what every person in the country wanted to be associated with. Will we be seeing yet another mastery of art anytime soon?

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