“Why Meta?” -Mark Zuckerberg

The Facebook Company has recently changed its name from Facebook to Meta. The company is parent to social media applications; Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp. But what is, and why “Meta”?

“The word “meta” comes from the Greek word meaning “beyond”. For me, it symbolizes that there is always more to build, and there is always a next chapter to the story.” Zuckerberg explained.

Founder of Facebook, now Meta, says with Meta the company is embarking on a new journey of technology. The new journey will be mostly focused on bringing people closer to each other through augmented reality.

“The next platform will be even more immersive — an embodied internet where you’re in the experience, not just looking at it. We call this the metaverse, and it will touch every product we build. The defining quality of the metaverse will be a feeling of presence — like you are right there with another person or in another place. Feeling truly present with another person is the ultimate dream of social technology. That is why we are focused on building this. In the metaverse, you’ll be able to do almost anything you can imagine — get together with friends and family, work, learn, play, shop, create — as well as completely new experiences that don’t really fit how we think about computers or phones today. We made a film that explores how you might use the metaverse one day.” said Zuckerberg.

Meta has a dream to enable people to move across experiences on different devices; augmented reality glasses to stay present in the physical world; virtual reality to be fully immersed, and phones and computers to jump in from existing platforms.

According to Zuckerberg, they will accelerate the development of the fundamental technologies, social platforms and creative tools to bring the metaverse to life, and to weave these technologies through social media apps. Zuckerberg is convinced that the metaverse can enable better social experiences than anything that exists today.

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