Young Prince remains focused

Young Prince a new master in the music circles will this coming weekend turn MKOP diner upside down with his music mastery. The young singer has his eyes set on being the new Bruce-Lee of music in the country. This coming weekend he will be delivering a newly revealed master-piece called “O e tshware mo Stopong”

The single comes a year later after the young man released another single where he has had to reveal his untold love for local TV persona Sadi Dikgaka. Young Prince who is self financed and has been having it hard to make ends meets has since reveled that he will not be shaken by anything prior to the launch event. According to the singer, he has had a lot of daunting moments hence will not be discourage to forge ahead anytime. At the launch event,it is said that big names in the music fraternity in the country in the likes of Berry Heart are also most likely to make an appearing.

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