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Zeus & Amantle Brown shakes Izzy’s farewell

If you have been having doubts about Zeus musicality then you got it all wrong. The rapper still has it in him. He will get your knees drilling with shakes. This past Friday alongside Amantle Brown they were on fire at a farewell party thrown for DJ Izzy. Dj Izzy was making his exit with the popular radio station after 11 years of consistently making the waves move.

Zus and Amantle Borwn were the artists to watch at the farewell event. Made hailed the two artists at the same event. They could not get themselves to sit on the sits provided for them because the music was thrilling. Zeus has been lying dormant since his appearance as Botswana’s representative at the Big Brother Africa event. He has not been seen as much as an artist and naysayers scrapped him off the books. He is back!

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