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Local Artists Record Single In The US

Young musicians who does a combination of Hip Hop and house music, Boago Motshidisi (Todler), 20 years and Thulaganyo Sheba known as DJ Tuli, 19 years have recorded their single in the US. 

The duo from Moshupa were signed under Dagee Records in August 2017, a record label based in the United States.

With a vast experience in production DJ Dagizus wanted to combine the two genres under one group so he can come up with a totally unique outcome. He says otherwise the duo have one thing in common, “production skills”, they both produce and make beats & music. “They are good at producing their own instrumentals and always teaming up on songs. They just finished working on this single “Dear lord” that was released on 30th September 2017, which was also an independence day in Botswana.

According to Todler the song is about transformation from bad to good, from negative to positive and they wanted to share with their fans on how they have transformed for the better as artists. The beat was produced by Ouzman, Todler and DJ Tuli and the song was then recorded & pre mixed by Ouzman productions (Botswana), then fully mixed in USA by Dagee Records & mastered at Clint Wagoner Mastering (USA). This is where the song was released from and the single is now available online for free downloads.

Toddler said his music career began at a tender age of 10 and was then inspired by the likes of Dr Dre, Slaughter House, Eminem and right now he looks up to local rappers in Botswana such as Scar, HT and Zeus. He started off as a young sbujwa dancer until his junior school days when he met Mr Ouzman who made him the first record under his label. The friendship grew and they worked together for 4 years until he met DJ Kid, who later on introduced him to DJ Dagizus, the owner of Dagee Records and the rest is now history.



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