5 ways to help your family in unemployment

Unemployment is an irk in its own. It pricks at the hearts of many. However there is always ways around how we can best work around beating the lashes that comes with unemployment. Unemployment especially coming into a family member can be a strainous thing. Here we give you ways in which you can survive unemployment or help a family member dealing with unemployment.

  • Counsel together.

    Searching for employment is often difficult, but it can also be an opportunity to band together as a family. Gather together and discuss the financial, emotional, and spiritual impact of the job search. Make a plan together of how you will move forward and how each individual can contribute. Older children often benefit from understanding the impact employment has on family life.

  • Stay involved.

    Having fun allows you to release stress and find joy in the moment. It is a time when your family can focus on something other than the job search and can help everyone stay positive.During unemployment, you might be tempted to avoid social situations. However, isolation can foster feelings of shame, depression, and unworthiness. Stay involved in your ward and social circles. You will likely decide to scale back any expensive hobbies or habits, but maintain as much of your daily life as possible.

  • Don’t let it define your family.

    Remember that you are so much more than a family that is dealing with unemployment. Help your children see that challenges happen to everyone and that unemployment is nothing to be embarrassed about.

  • Make prayer and scripture study a priority.

    One of the best ways to unite as a family and find peace is through daily family prayer and scripture study. No matter how chaotic life becomes, make this practice a priority. It will be a source of revelation as you make important decisions about the future. Also, don’t forget family fasts and temple trips to invite the Spirit and additional blessings.

  • Network everywhere.

    Share your job search with parents, teachers, and coaches at your children’s school and extracurricular events.


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