Tobacco and its products kill 8 million people every year through lung disease, heart diseases, cancers and other non- communicable diseases. Tobacco use is responsible for 25% of all cancer deaths globally. Furthermore, evidence shows that young people are induced early on in their lives into using tobacco.

The theme for this year therefore is ┬┤Protecting Youth from Industry Manipulation and Preventing them from Tobacco and Nicotine Use┬┤. a theme we find to be very fitting and relevant to the current times and trends. Our young people remain vulnerable to an array of persuasive, carefully crafted commercial messages encouraging the use of tobacco products. A broad range of social, environmental, psychological, and genetic factors further renders them susceptible to manipulate the tobacco industry through their ever rising trends in tobacco marketing. It is therefore the responsibility of the Government of Botswana to protect our leaders of tomorrow from industries whose main aim and intention is to destroy them.

Dr Lemogang Kwape : World No Tobacco day speech 2020


# yourhealthyourwealth

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