“Batswana are not only worried but angry.” -Mmolotsi

The member of Parliament for Francistown South- Wynter Mmolotsi has warned the government to act with caution when dealing with the public. This comes after the ugly scenes seen today when the police clashed with members of the public.

Mmolotsi reminded the current regime that nothing lasts forever, and they will have to answer for their wrongdoings when they lose power.

“It is a fact that one day this regime and its leader will go. Tyrannical regimes have no place in the modern society. Botswana is going through a very difficult time on account of the new administration’s appetite to punish and inflict pain on the ordinary citizen. Fundamental freedoms are slowly disappearing and many Batswana are not only worried but angry. The Police should deal with the current situation with utmost care and sensitivity. When the situation is volatile the security forces need to exercise greater care and should not be seen to be heavy handed on the nation.” Mmolotsi advised.

The legislator further called on for the release of Reverend Thuso Tiego and those who were beaten up and arrested with him. “I STAND WITH MORUTI TIEGO AND DEMAND FOR HIS IMMEDIATE RELEASE. This abuse should stop. PASTOR THUSO TIEGO REPRESENTS THE MANY CITIZENS WHO ARE DEPRESSED BY THE TWIST THE COUNTRY HAS TAKEN.” he wrote.

For his part, the President of the Alliance for Progressives (AP), who is also a former legislator, has urged the nation to rise up and fight for the country as it is going astray.

Ndaba Gaolathe said when  he went to Broadhurst Police Station to offer support to the pastor, “I hear some saying Reverend Thuso Tiego has lost his mind, No! We who know Thuso Tiego having grown up with him that he has always fought against injustices. He is a man of action, he can relaise that Botswana is going astray. Batswana let us rise up, things are taking a different turn.

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